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Web Development & Design

eCommerce Sites with Carts or Paypal Buttons

Design and development of eCommerce sites incorporating “Shopping Carts”.  Products can be added, edited, priced and displayed in a variety of configurations.  You only need internet access and a computer to make changes, no special programs to learn.

Some clients: jrs-westernstore.com – Western Wear and tack store, Springfield & Diamond, Missouri.

Maybe you don’t need a full shopping cart web site and can use Paypal buttons for payment or donations.  We can integrate those in to you current site, or build you a completely new one.


Personal Websites

Would you like a website for you to blog on, express yourself, share life, provide information – anything? Your site can be publicly viewable, or password protected.  You could have memberships.  It’s up to you.  Sites are easily editable and can be linked in with you Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, MySpace.  When you post a new article it can be automatically fed to any number of other “Social Media” sites.  You can even post to your site via an email.  It’s that easy.


Not only can we set up your site to take credit card transactions, we have access to rates that typically beat those advertised by wholesalers like the one that rhymes with Rams Pub. If you go this route, we can also set up your “brick-and-mortar” store processing to take advantage of the same system.


This is how you get seen. SEO is the science of showing up in searches performed on various sites or through several companies. You are all familiar with “Google”, “Bing”, “AOL”, “Yahoo”, “Ask” and many more. They send our “spiders” that “crawl” your website for content and report back to the parent search engine. Each of them has different parameters for scoring your content. The most familiar are Keywords and Metatags, but there is a LOT more to it than that. Relevancy is vary important, for instance. “Alt” tags are, also. Depending on what your goals are, proper SEO can make a huge difference in your site traffic.

There are two types of search results, generally speaking, “Organic” and “Cost Per Click” (CPC). Organic results are the ones discussed above and are a product of your content. CPC is paid advertising. Having great content, set up properly, will generate traffic on it’s own and is generally more trusted by web surfers. CPC can be very effective and can be demographically targeted.

We can assist you in either discipline, whether on a completely new site, or your current one. We can also direct you in an ad campaign so you can be sure to get the most from your resources. Consultations are free.[/tab] [tab]Facebook and Twitter are becoming some of the most important ways to get your information, business or personal, out to the masses. Social Media is coming on strong in the world of advertising and marketing. Both can be of great use if implemented properly. Both can also be set to automatically update when you update your website, getting your thoughts, information, products or sales out to your customers in a very timely and inexpensive manner.

Facebook advertising, banners on the right side of Facebook pages, can even be targeted demographically and geographically. This allows virtually any small business to get viewed within their budget.

We can help you understand and implement Social Media in to your website and business plan.

Google Integration!

Google eMail, Analytics, Adwords, Voice, Documents, Calendar and Map Integration.

Google can be used for nearly all of your business communication and organization.  They have some AMAZING tools. Why use them? One simple reason. You can get your information, emails, documents, schedule, contacts and more from ANY computer with internet access, including your SmartPhone.

Each of Google’s services has unique benefits.

Google eMail – use this instead of Outlook, or other email programs. It can handle multiple incoming and outgoing accounts so all of your email is at your fingertips, all the time.

Google Adwords – This is Google’s Pay-Per-Click advertising program.  You run ad campaigns that can drive qualified traffic to your site.

Google Analytics – How much traffic are you getting, from where, by whom? Itegrating Google Analytics will tell you.  It can even tell you what browsers and monitor settings they use allowing you to tailor your content to your traffic base.

Google Documents – 1 gigabyte of free storage. Documents can be shared with others and permission levels set (edit or view only).  Two people can even work on the same documents at the same time.  This level of collaboration, over the internet, can be very efficient in organizations.  On top of that, Google Docs can be used in place of the Microsoft Office Suite of Word, Excel, etc. Again, all accessible from any internet connected device (not home appliances, btw).

Google Voice – This is a new addition to the Googleverse. It’s one number that handles forwarding, texting and voice mail.  Not only that, but when you get a voice mail, it can translate it to text and email the text and recording to your Gmail (Google eMail) account.

Google Calendar – You can use this tool to coordinate schedules company wide, choose who sees the information and even open it up to the internet to inform customers, clients and friends of events.

With a SmartPhone, you can have all of these tools at your fingertips at any time, any any place with Wifi or Cell coverage.

We can help you coordinate and implement these strategies!

Website Services


        • Using Your Computer
        • Integration with Mobile Devices
        • Setting up Facebook, Twitter, etc
        • Best Practices for Blogging and Content

If you’re in the Southwest Missouri area, I can drop by and discuss it in person.